Data Warehouse Analisa Prestasi Akademik Siswa di SMP Roudlotul Jadid Lumajang

Yusi Dwi Dayati, Achmad Choiron, Slamet Kacung


The absence of a system that can provide fast analysis system is a hallmark of the assessment process is based on the transactional database, such as that which is now used in SMP Roudlotul Lumajang Jadid. This is due to the presence of the transactional data is not intended to be used in Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) that provides functions to analyze the data in order to improve the responsiveness and flexibility of the current system used in the school institution. Then the final project was creation of applications for analyzing OLAP junior high student academic achievement. The final task was done in order to obtain the system requirements, design, implement and test the performance of OLAP applications for analysis so as to provide benefits and correct the problem at school. Problem analysis is done by the system needs analysis, design and implementation, including design datawarehouse and OLAP design. In junior high student achievement analysis Roudlotul Jadid Lumajang can know that the level of mastery students has increased in the 2nd half, for the average value of the class and teacher attendance increase is most dominant in the 2nd half than 1st half.


Keyword: OLAP, Data Warehouse, Akademik, Data Mining


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