Modeling of Convolutional Neural Network Architecture for Recognizing The Pandava Mask

Andi Sanjaya, Endang Setyati, Herman Budianto


This research was conducted to observe the use of architectural model Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) LeNEt, which was suitable to use for Pandava mask objects. The Data processing in the research was 200 data for each class or similar with 1000 trial data. Architectural model CNN LeNET used input layer 32x32, 64x64, 128x128, 224x224 and 256x256. The trial result with the input layer 32x32 succeeded, showing a faster time compared to the other layer. The result of accuracy value and validation was not under fitted or overfit. However, when the activation of the second dense process as changed from the relu to sigmoid, the result was better in sigmoid, in the tem of time, and the possibility of overfitting was less. The research result had a mean accuracy value of 0.96.


classification; CNN; lenet; relu; activation; sigmoid activation

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