Generating SQL Command Syntax Using MySQL Based on Typing Command Sentence

  • Information System, College of Informatics and Computer Management (STMIK) Kadiri
  • Information System, College of Informatics and Computer Management (STMIK) Kadiri
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Keywords: Database, DBMS, MySQL, SQL, Command Sentence


Information retrieval system is a system that is widely used to retrieve information. This research will discuss how the system finds back the information stored in database tables. Tables in the database are arranged to store all forms of data entered by database users so that later the stored data can be used again. Re-accessing the database's information must go through a mechanism known as a database management system (DBMS). One of the most widely used DBMS is MySQL. By using a DBMS, information and data can be manipulated according to user needs. Data manipulation in the database is done in a special language, namely SQL (Structure Query Language). Mastery of SQL commands is an obligation for database users so that the manipulated data can produce the required information. However, many database users still do not understand how the actual SQL command syntax manages and manipulates data into information. This is, of course, very risky if the solution is not immediately sought because it will hinder the process of retrieving information from the data stored in the database. For this problem to be resolved, it is necessary to design a system that can help database users translate their wishes into SQL command syntax. This paper will discuss how a command in Indonesian can be translated into SQL command syntax. The method used to solve this research problem is rule-based. There are two stages in the main process: the pre-processing stage, which consists of a word tokenization process, and a translation stage, including a keyword grouping process. This keyword grouping process consists of the keyword group analysis phase, table and column analysis, identification of SQL commands, and mapping of SQL commands. From all stages that have been passed and testing of 7 scenarios with ten (10) commands for each scenario, the accuracy is 81.42%. The inaccuracy in the testing process is more a problem of displaying data from two or more tables, for example, using the join table command. This problem can be addressed by adding new rules for the use of table joins.


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