Social Media Analysis Using Probabilistic Neural Network Algorithm to Know Personality Traits

  • Informatics Engineering Department, Merdeka University Pasuruan
  • Informatics Engineering Department, Merdeka University Pasuruan
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Keywords: Social Media, Probabilistic Neural Network, Personality Traits, Personality


The Internet creates a new space where people can interact and communicate efficiently. Social media is one type of media used to interact on the internet. Facebook and Twitter are one of the social media. Many people are not aware of bringing their personal life into the public. So that unconsciously provides information about his personality. Big Five personality is one type of personality assessment method and is used as a reference in this study. The data used is the social media status from both Facebook and Twitter. Status has been taken from 50 social media users. Each user is taken as a text status. The results of tests performed using the Probabilistic Neural Network algorithm obtained an average accuracy score of 86.99% during the training process and 83.66% at the time of testing with a total of 30 training data and 20 test data.


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