Business Model Canvas for Usability Testing of E-Commerce Website Design Using SEO On-Page Technique

  • Faculty of Information Technology, Universitas Budi Luhur Jakarta
  • Faculty of Information Technology, Universitas Budi Luhur Jakarta
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Keywords: E-commerce, Business Model Canvas, Usability Testing, SEO On-Page


Advances in information technology have had a tremendous impact on all of the professions today. All buying and selling activities, including selling baby products, have become easier with digital technology, namely the marketplace. Until now, the marketplace business only uses a physical storefront and marketplace to offer their wares. However, there are still obstacles such as the lack of product information obtained by customers due to decreased sales, lack of a wide range of promotions due to lower income, and discounts when using the marketplace due to lower marketplace revenue. Based on the problems mentioned above, an e-commerce website is needed to solve the problem in the Mimimama store. This e-commerce website is built with the WordPress Content Management System (CMS), and the Business Model Canvas (BMC) method is used to analyze the business model. Designs are built using the Unified Modeling Language (UML), and websites are tested using Usability Testing to ensure the functionality works properly. After the website is built, SEO is applied using On-Page SEO to optimize website pages. Google easily indexes them and is easy to find by customers using certain keywords. The development of an e-commerce website provides answers to make it easier for customers to access information, expand marketing reach, and allow Mimimama to focus more on building the Mimimama store brand.


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