Segmentation Plate and Number Vehicle using Integral Projection

Mochamad Mobed Bachtiar, Sigit Wasista, Mukhammad Syarifudin Hidayatulloh


Ticket system on the shopping mall and offices have a way to write it by the manual and automatic way. Most of the systems in use are by manual rather than automatic. With the problem, the manual system will be replaced with an automatic system that can recognize the number on the license plate. One method used to detect the plate and number that can be used is the method of finding contour. Finding contour can locate the number plate by detecting the rectangular shape of an image. This method is very important to be able to detect the number plate because there are many forms contained in the vehicle. Segmentation is used to recognize the characters on the car number plate using integral projection. Integral projection can separate the characters contained on the car number plate to facilitate processing on character recognition. The successful use of this method is 98%. errors are usually caused by the faded car plate colors


Region of Interest Plate Number, Integral Projection, Active Contour

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