The journal Food Science and Technology (Foodscitech) was first published in July 2018. This journal is published twice a year. The 1st volume was published in July and the second volume in December, and already has ISSN 2622-4127 (Online) and ISSN 2622-1985 (Print). Journal of Food Science and Technology (Foodscitech) is published by the Food Technology Study Program, Faculty of Agriculture, Dr. University. Soetomo.

Journal of Food Science and Technology (Foodscitech) has published journals starting in Vol. 1 No.1 2018 and published in online journal (OJS) and in print until Vol 4. No.2 2022.

The Journal of Food Science and Technology (Foodscitech) has refined detailed information by placing information or genesis articles in each article title starting Volume 1 Number 1 July 2018 has improved the presentation of articles by adding genesis articles containing information about articles, and DOI.

Starting from Volume 5 No 1 July 2022 Foodschitech Journal publishes 6 articles in 1 volume