We invite academics, researchers, practitioners, students, and government representatives from all over Indonesia to publish their scientific papers/articles in the December Edition of Foodscitech Journal, Vol.6 No.2, 2023.

The Food Science and Technology Journal (Foodscitech) is a peer-reviewed journal that began to be published in 2018, and is published every semester in July and December. This is a series of scientific publications in the field of food technology. This journal provides a variety of stimulating and informative papers directed at theory and practice in the following fields:

• food science
• nutrition
• food chemistry
• biochemistry
• microbiology
• food techniques
• food security
• food quality
• food censorship
• functional food
• health food
• and other fields related to food

Article submission terms:

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Dr. Kejora Handarini S.TP,MP
Editor in Chief
Foodscitech Journal

Agricultural Department

Universitas Dr. Soetomo Surabaya