Jurnal Ilmiah Manajemen Publik dan Kebijakan Sosial

Editors receive scientific articles in the form of scientific studies, research works and ideas of scientific innovation in the field of Public Administration, especially related to the development and innovation of Public Management and Public Policy that contains Social issues that have not been published in journals or other scientific media both in the country and abroad. Published articles belong to the editor. Acrredited by Minister of Research and Higher Education, Republic Indonesia, Directorate General of Research Strengthen and Development (Direktur Jenderal Penguatan Riset dan Pengembangan Kemenristekdikti RI) Number 28/E/KPT/2019 as Ranking 5 (SINTA 5).

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Vol 3, No 2 (2019)

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(1) sapto pramono ()
10.25139/jmnegara.v3i2.1432 Views of Abstract: 206 | PDF: 24
(2) Muhammad Miftahul Huda ()
10.25139/jmnegara.v3i2.2138 Views of Abstract: 446 | PDF: 129
(3) Ahmad Taufiq ()
(4) Junadi Junadi ()
10.25139/jmnegara.v3i2.2139 Views of Abstract: 19 | PDF: 8