Author Guidelines

Lex Journal: Kajian Hukum & Keadilan invites interested authors in the field of law to submit their manuscripts in Word format  (downloadable at: Template)

Scientific articles in the field of legal studies can be written in either Indonesian or English.

Guidelines for manuscript submission:

  1. Article Title: The title should be effective and not exceed 15 words. It should be written in bold using Times New Roman font size 14pt. The title should include the objective, method, and subject matter.
  2. Abstract: The abstract should be written in both English and Indonesian. It should be written in italics as a single paragraph and not exceed 150 words. The abstract should explicitly include the research problem, research method, and conclusion.
  3. Keywords: Keywords should reflect important concepts in the article or title.
  4. The length of the article should be between 17 to 23 pages, written in Times New Roman font, 12pt size, single-spaced, on A4 paper.
  5. The structure of the article should be as follows:
    • Introduction: Explicitly state the legal issue.
    • Methodology: Specify if the article is based on research.
    • Discussion: Provide section titles related to the legal issues.
    • Conclusion.
    • References: Use complete and accurate citations.
  1. References should follow the following formats:
    • Book: Author's Name, Book Title, Edition, Publisher, City, Year, Page.
    • Contribution in an Edited Book: Author's Name, "Article Title," in Editor's Name, Book Title, Edition, Publisher, City, Year, Page.
    • Journal Article: Author's Name, "Article Title," Year, Volume, Journal Name, First page of the article, Page(s) cited.
    • Internet: Author's Name, "Article Title," Media, Article Date, Link, Accessed Date.
    • Court Decisions:
      • Civil/Administrative/Constitutional Cases: Plaintiff vs. Defendant, Case Number, Court Name, Date of Decision.
      • Criminal Cases: Case (Defendant's Name), Case Number, Court Name, Date of Decision.
  1. Use the most recent and up-to-date literature, preferably within the last 10 years. At least five references should be from scientific journals.
  2. The reference list should be provided at the end of the article and follow the format: Author's Name/Book Author (last name first), Book Title, Edition, Publisher, City, Year, without page numbers.
  3. Referencing style uses the Chicago Manual of Style.
  4. Authors are advised to proofread their manuscripts before submission to ensure compliance with the writing guidelines.
  5. The Editorial Board reserves the right to edit articles for language and formatting purposes without changing the substance of the content.