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Food Science and Technology Journal (Foodscitech) is an online journal in the food science, food technology, nutrition, which also includes about the food chemistry science, biochemistry, microbiology, food engineering, food safety, food quality, food sensory, functional food, health food and the other fields that are related to the food. Published 2 times a year in July and December with 5 articles for each issued. ISSN 2622-1985 (Print) ISSN 2622-4127 (Online)


Aug 15, 2022

We invite academics, researchers, practitioners, students, and government representatives from all over Indonesia to publish their scientific papers/articles in the December Edition of Foodscitech Journal, Vol.5 No.2, 2022.

The Food Science and Technology Journal (Foodscitech) is a peer-reviewed journal that began to be published in 2018, and is published every semester in July and December. This is a series of scientific publications in the field of food technology. This journal provides a variety of stimulating and informative papers directed at theory and practice in the following fields:

• food science
• nutrition
• food chemistry
• biochemistry
• microbiology
• food techniques
• food security
• food quality
• food censorship
• functional food
• health food
• and other fields related to food

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Dr. Kejora Handarini S.TP,MP
Editor in Chief
Foodscitech Journal

Agricultural Department

Universitas Dr. Soetomo Surabaya

Vol. 5 No. 1 (2022): FOODSCITECH


Published: Jul 12, 2022

Characteristics Of Kombucha From Various Herbal Tea Leaves

1-9 Nur Agustin Mardiana, Domas Galih Patria, Dwi Retnaningtyas Utami, Rinda Kusumawati, Sutrisno Adi Prayitno, Chusnul Chotimah
Read Statistic: 79

Analysis of Drying Air Temperature on Moisture Content in Coffee Beans Using a Fluidized Bed Dryer with Perforated Plates

10-21 Nanang Ruhyat, Haris Ilman Fiqih, Hilmy Nurfuad
Read Statistic: 49

The Effect of Angkung (Basella alba L.) Fruit Addition on Physicochemical Properties of Noodles

22-30 Domas Galih Patria, Sutrisno Adi Prayitno, Nur Agustin Mardiana
Read Statistic: 47

Performance of Food Quality and Sensory Properties of Stick with Fortification of Fish Bone Flour Tuna and Kale Leaf Extract as Natural Food Coloran

31-41 Wardah, Rini Rahayu Sihmawati
Read Statistic: 60

The Effect of the Ratio of Chili to Sugar on Sensory and Physichochemical Analysis of Crushed Catfish Jerky

42-56 Anni Faridah, Ranti Wahyuni, Riski Gusri Utami
Read Statistic: 46

Proportion of Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) and Kimpul (Xanthosoma sagittifolium) Flours and Dragon Fruit (Hylocereuscostaricensis) Substitution on Wet Noodle

57-67 Ika Rahmawati, Fungki Sri Rejeki, Diana Puspitasari, Endang Retno Wedowati
Read Statistic: 24
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